Your time is very precious?
Why would you waste time leading resources
( human & material ), that are not in contact
with your activity subject?
We are here to help you!
We are flexible, quick, adjustable!
We go when you want, we listen to your wishes
and we realize them!

We give you back your free time and the lock of caring for the cleaning!
Our company guarantees the high standard of services for the customers for 15 years. We work with professional equipments and chemicals approved by the Minisrty of Health . Our employees receive safety at work and firesafety traning.
If you are not to tally satisfied with the quality of the services that our company did, we will do that again without any supplementary payment until you will be completely satisfied.
Pure Water cleaning

Water Fed Pole is a 4 step filtering system - mechanical, carbon filtering, reverse osmosis and de-ionization - witch obtains an almost 100 % pure water. With telescopic poles - eighter made of fiberglass or carbon fibre, and the lightweight brushes cleaning is done with water and scrubbing windows and surfaces up to a height of 18 m. This system replaces utility alpinism with reduced costs for customers.